About the Tdap Vac Project

The Tdap Vac video and website was created for the purpose of educating youth and their parents about the dangers of pertussis (whooping cough) and the availability of a vaccine to prevent pertussis in adolescents and adults.

The idea of developing a music video to educate youth on this topic was conceived after pediatrician Dr. Charlene Graves reviewed vaccination videos available on YouTube in March of 2009, demonstrating that no such mode of communicating health information to youth existed. The Indiana Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics (INAAP) secured funding a few months later to produce this educational music video through a competitive process for immunization grants available from the Friends of Children Fund of the American Academy of Pediatrics.   

The INAAP partnered with Indianapolis area Songwriter/Creative Director Patrick Hurley to implement the project. Pat composed the music and created the lyrics for the video, and produced the music video and website.

As a staff member at Butler University, he was able to hire all the performers from the Media Arts and Dance Departments at Butler. He worked with his longtime collaborators, the Sanders Group, one of the Midwest’s premier media production companies, on all aspects of the video and website. The International School of Indiana generously allowed us to shoot the video at one of their schools.

The video features a newly created character – rapper Tdap Vac – as the central focus of the video and the website. Utilizing humor and parody, along with rapidly paced attention-getting musical performances, the music video provides a highly entertaining method of health education.

Please explore the health information available on and through the www.TdapVac.com website and share it with your friends.  We can prevent pertussis infection if a large majority of teens and adults receive Tdap vaccine!

Contact us at Mdxonggu763@gmail.com or on the from below.